facebook fail

by Patrick O'Brien

Censorship, insecure data, design solutions for problems that don’t exist, fixing things that aren’t broken, constantly altered or hidden settings . . .  to list only a few of the problems inflicted by this arrogant monster.


We now have a viable alternative — no censorship, no filtering of our news feed, no limits on the number of friends or connections we may have, open to the public (readers are not required to open an account just to read our content) full control over who can read or comment on our posts, full control over what content does or does not appear in our feeds. If your photographs are important, this service fully integrates with Picasa for editing. We can also edit our posts should we wish.

Then there’s an integration with documents. On Facebook we have “Notes” (whoopee) whereas the alternative gives us full integration with our desktop utilities for publication and presentation, plus a wide range of other services — including Google Drive.

Need I go on?

Although it’s still in BETA, I recommend giving serious consideration to this alternative and I’m already in the process of migrating.

This is me:

●  Patrick O’Brien ~ Google Plus

For readers who are interested, or just starting out, here is a useful primmer:

The complete guide to Google Plus

Oh — and yes, you will soon be able to play games. Fun, fun, fun . . .