Led by Love

by Patrick O'Brien

Image: Valentina Borodina Iourtchenko with SuccatCopyright 2008 © Guy Perkins

Please allow me to introduce a friend . . .

This woman’s name is Valentina Borodina Iourtchenko, a Russian scientist and medical practitioner, better known Internationally as a traveller, teacher and healer. Valentina’s message to the world is simple:  LOVE!

She says . . .

“What is the greatest challenge facing society? Fear—because we don’t know how not to be afraid. We teach our children to fear to keep them safe. But they end up being afraid even of love. Pain is similar to fear; it just has a different appearance. We must remember that everything is love. Love can cure any crisis, disease, or pain.’

‘When I first came to America, I thought I was here to teach people about herbology and healing. Now I know that I came to teach and learn about love. I want people to remember that love and freedom are their birthright.”

I was blessed when, in 2008, Valentina travelled down-under to meet me and there is a short thread in the Digihitch Forums called Travels with Succat which she wrote.



Valentina’s encouragement brought me to write and publish these 
notes and commentaries — some reflections on my long road back:

My Long Road Back