The USED Group

by Patrick O'Brien

Undercovers Seriously Effected by Drugs”

Kiwis have been suckered into believing we are the least corrupt nation in the world and, with a few exceptions, it’s all smug, self-congratulations on how lucky we are.

Many brave men and women have come before me and tried to enlighten us all as to our corruption; the USED Group being one notable example.

The USED Group is a unique phenomena in the history of New Zealand Policing:  around 50 police officers and undercover agents admitting they have misused drugs, tampered with evidence and committed perjury to obtain convictions against their targets in following the orders of police administrators (reportsTVNZ plus NZ Herald) and their sworn affidavits admitting to perjury have also been tabled in the Parliament.

Following these admissions, police administrators conducted “independent” inquiries through their “independent” investigator, Mr Bruce Squire QC, which effectively found that “there is no evidence to support these claims” . . . or, least ways, so they would have us believe: my Official Information Act requests for the outcomes and reports from these “independent” inquiries have been refused.

When it comes to exposing their systemic corruption, successive New Zealand Governments and police administrations have done nothing — or, at best, conducted these self-styled “independent” inquiries, which is the same thing as doing nothing, but looks better. (see No. 21 in the 25 Rules of Disinformation)

Sadly, the “system” has painted these whistle-blowers as ‘nutters’ and their revelations have been covered-up, written-off and buried. Well, — almost buried:

My Long Road Back

 This writer is not, and never has been, a member of the USED Group.



February 01, 2012 — additional commentary with
…….reference to the USED Group in my post, here:

Corruption in New Zealand Police