Mirror to the World

Some advice for the new hitchhiker starting out . . .

The simple act of standing quietly with your pack beside the road conveys a silent yet powerful message to all who pass. Many of those people will feel uncomfortable or even challenged by that message and what you represent.

Most will simply try to ignore you, looking away, or resorting to a variety of other amusing tricks in pretending you don’t exist. Some will attempt to block the message, and, not having a “delete” button, will shout abuse in their attempt to drown you out.

All hitchhikers will face this reality, and each of us will deal with it in our own way. It can be difficult, standing for hour after hour being ignored and/or abused — yet deal with it we must.

In many ways the hitchhiker is a mirror to the world and what people see is a reflection of themselves. Always be mindful that how they react speaks of them, not you.


Succat: copyright 2008 © New Zealand Herald