Bring on the clowns

by Patrick O'Brien

Copyright 2011 © Patrick O’Brien

Four years ago today, on Christmas Eve, the Commissioner of New Zealand Police received an email attachment from me containing a copy of my letter to the country’s Chief Justice, Dame Sian Elias, and in which I confessed perjury to obtain convictions against my targets while working as an agent provocateur for Criminal Intelligence.

I am not the first undercover agent in New Zealand to have admitted this crime. My earlier post on the USED Group of former agents provides a more notable example and illustrates how this corruption in the Undercover Programme is written off and buried. Cop-outs and cover-ups — spin, twist lie and obfuscate, it’s the Kiwi way.

But . . . “but, this is New Zealand, what about the Rule of Law?” some of you will ask. Yea, right; bring on the clowns:




February 01, 2012 – it is now 1,500 days since the Commissioner received email and I’ve posted the following commentary to mark the occasion: