‘Stealth Camping’

by Patrick O'Brien

Copyright 2012 © Patrick O’Brien

Being a hitchhiker, I’m often asked by people and
other travellers starting out — where do you sleep?

In the following discussion thread over at digihitch, my alter ego, Succat, offers some well practised suggestions to a young Canadian woman who is starting out on a solo hitchhiking tour of New Zealand. These tips are applicable universally, including the use of cemeteries . . .

Stealth camping as a Woman



“There’s probably little need for “stealth camping” unless you find yourself in a city or town and don’t want to be disturbed through the night.

The trick is to not be seen entering the area you wish to sleep. Scout out a suitable spot during daylight hours and then return after dark. Remember: keep to the shadows, they are your friend.

With regards cities and towns, any of the following will enable a quiet night’s sleep: parks, reserves and botanical gardens; church yards; cemeteries (my favourite); and, on weekends when classes are out, school grounds . . .”