The ‘garage sale’

by Patrick O'Brien

 Copyright 2012 © Patrick O’Brien — 

Various projects and assignments have me coming off the road for more than a month at any one time, taking up temporary residence in a house or apartment for the duration. Here’s a recent example with the Gelfling pictured kneeling on her sleeping pad after moving into a new loft. We have become experts in an arcane art — the garage sale — selling off our accumulations from a stay, prior to moving on.

A successful garage sale is when everything on offer is sold. The secret to that success is pricing. Label every item with a price tag which you’ve arrived at by estimating the second-hand value of that item, and then halving it. This is your starting price. If items are not snapped up immediately when your punters arrive, then halve the price again.

Think of it like this: people are paying you to take away your junk.



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