‘Infinity and Beyond’

by Patrick O'Brien

Image © Stephen Schleicher

― Please Read Me ―

For those readers using browser add-ons or

security software that blocks Web tracking:

June 28, 2012 — A recent Web development has been infinite scrolling, a function that continuously loads more material onto a page, relieving the reader of any need to click-though or navigate for more content. The feature is now common on social media sites.

WordPress announced its own version called Infinity and Beyond in June of this year, and is rolling out the feature incrementally across the platform. In the past 36 hours, my Blog was given this added functionality.

All well and good. Except . . .

For readers running security software or browser add-ons that block the tracking of their Web movements (Ghostery or DoNotTrackPlus, for example) infinite scrolling will be broken. While this may not be an issue for some users — others are either outraged and working to find a work-around or trying to make sense of this Web development.

How does this affect my readers? Allow me to explain . . .

This Blog has been set up to show 31 posts (a month of daily posts) on the Home page. Prior the introduction of this infinity function, readers could load another month of posts by clicking on an “Older posts” Link at the bottom of the page and, should they wish, could have continued navigating back in such a fashion to the very beginning.

Now, readers are presented with a “Load more posts” tab which, when clicked, loads the next 31 posts — then stops — with no more posts, no “beyond” and no “infinity” for those with security software that blocks Web tracking.

Yesterday, I spent some hours attempting (without success) to resolve this issue and here is my discussion thread on the WordPress Forums which provides more detail.

To assist affected readers, here is a library of all my photographs and posts which may be navigated manually:


Alternatively — affected readers may also browse through my posts as before by using either the TAG or CATEGORY links contained in my Archive, here:


I am very sorry for this inconvenience.