Salute the spooks!

by Patrick O'Brien

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Domestic Security: Assassination; Attack; Domestic security; Drill; Exercise; Cops; Law enforcement; Authorities; Disaster assistance; Disaster management; DNDO (Domestic NuclearDetection Office); National preparedness; Mitigation; Prevention; Response; Recovery; Dirty bomb; Domestic nuclear detection; Emergency management; Emergency response; First responder; Homeland security; Maritime domain awareness(MDA); National preparedness; initiative; Militia; Shooting; Shots fired; Evacuation; Deaths; Hostage; Explosion (explosive); Police; Disaster medical assistance; team (DMAT); Organized crime; Gangs; National securityState of emergency; Security; Breach; Threat; Standoff; SWAT; Screening; Lockdown; Bomb (squad or threat); Crash; Looting; Riot; Emergency;  Landing; Pipe bomb; Incident; Facility;

Terrorism: Al Qaeda (all spellings); Terror Attack;  Terrorism; Iraq; Afghanistan; Iran; Pakistan; Agro; Environmental terrorist; Eco terrorism; Conventional weapon; Target; Weapons grade; Dirty bomb; Enriched; Nuclear; Chemical weapon; Biological weapon; Ammonium nitrate; Improvised explosive device; IED (Improvised ExplosiveDevice); Abu Sayyaf Hamas; FARC (Armed RevolutionaryForces Colombia); IRA (Irish Republican Army); ETA (Euskadi ta Askatasuna); Basque Separatists; Hezbollah; Tamil Tigers; PLF (Palestine LiberationFront); PLO (Palestine LiberationOrganization); Car bomb; Jihad; Taliban; Weapons cache; Suicide bomber; Suicide attack; Suspicious substance; AQAP (AL Qaeda ArabianPeninsula); AQIM (Al Qaeda in theIslamic Maghreb); TTP (Tehrik-i-TalibanPakistan); Yemen; Pirates; Extremism; Somalia; Nigeria; Radicals; Al-Shabaab; Home grown; Plot; Nationalist; Recruitment; Fundamentalism; Islamist;

Cyber Security: Waihopi; Cyber security; Botnet; DDOS (dedicated denial of service); Denial of service; Malware; Virus; Trojan; Keylogger; Cyber Command; 600; Spammer; Phishing; Rootkit; Phreaking; Cain and Abel; Brute forcing; Mysql injection; Cyber attack;  Cyber terror; Hacker; China; Conficker; Worm; Scammers; Social media;

Infrastructure: Infrastructure security; Airport; Airplane (and derivatives); Chemical fire; CIKR (Critical Infrastructure& Key Resources); AMTRAK; Collapse; Computer infrastructure; Communications; infrastructure; Telecommunications; Critical infrastructure; National infrastructure; Metro; WMATA; Subway; BART; MARTA; Port Authority; NBIC (NationalBiosurveillance IntegrationCenter); Transportation security; Grid; Power; Smart; Body scanner; Electric; Failure or outage; Black out; Brown out; Port; Dock Bridge; Cancelled; Delays; Service disruption; Power lines;

Border violence: Drug cartel; Violence; Gang; Drug; Narcotics; Cocaine; Marijuana; Heroin; Border; Mexico; Cartel; Southwest; Juarez; Sinaloa; Tijuana; Torreon; Yuma; Tucson; Decapitated; U.S. Consulate; Consular; El Paso; Fort Hancock; San Diego; Ciudad Juarez; Nogales; Sonora; Colombia; Mara salvatrucha; MS13 or MS-13; Drug war; Mexican army; Methamphetamine; Cartel de Golfo; Gulf Cartel; La Familia; Reynosa; Nuevo Leon; Narcos; Narco banners (Spanishequivalents); Los Zetas; Shootout; Execution; Gunfight; Trafficking; Kidnap; Calderon; Reyosa; Bust; Tamaulipas; Meth Lab; Drug trade; Illegal immigrants; Smuggling (smugglers); Matamoros; Michoacana; Guzman; Arellano-Felix; Beltran-Leva; Barrio Azteca; Artistic Assassins; Mexicles; New Federation;

Weather: Emergency; Hurricane; Tornado; Twister; Tsunami; Earthquake; Tremor; Flood; Storm; Crest; Temblor; Extreme weather; Forest fire; Brush fire; Ice; Stranded/Stuck; Help; Hail; Wildfire; Tsunami Warning Center; Magnitude; Avalanche; Typhoon; Shelter-in-place; Disaster; Snow; Blizzard; Mud slide or Mudslide; Erosion; Power outage; Brown out; Warning; Watch; Lightening; Aid; Relief; Closure; Interstate; Burst; Emergency Broadcast;

Hazards:  Hazmat; Nuclear; Chemical spill; Suspicious package/device; Toxic; National laboratory; Nuclear facility; Nuclear threat; Cloud; Plume; Radiation; Radioactive; Leak; Biological infection (or event); Chemical; Chemical burn; Biological; Epidemic; Hazardous; Hazardous material incident; Industrial spill; Infection; Powder (white); Gas; Spillover; Anthrax; Blister agent; Chemical agent; Exposure; Burn; Nerve agent; Ricin; Sarin; North Korea;

Health: Outbreak; Contamination; Exposure; Virus; Evacuation; Bacteria; Recall; Ebola; Food Poisoning; Foot and Mouth (FMD); H5N1; Avian; Flu; Salmonella; Small Pox; Plague; Human to human; Human to Animal; Influenza; Center for Disease Control(CDC); Drug Administration (FDA); Public Health; Toxic; Agro Terror; Tuberculosis (TB); Agriculture; Listeria; Symptoms; Mutation; Resistant; Antiviral; Wave; Pandemic; Infection; Water/air borne; Sick;  Swine; Pork; Strain; Quarantine; H1N1; Vaccine; Tamiflu; Norvo Virus; Epidemic; World Health Organization (WHO) (and components); Viral Hemorrhagic Fever; E. Coli;

US Government: Department of Homeland Security (DHS): Federal Emergency Management Agency (EEMA); Coat Guard (USCG); Customs and Border Protection (CPB); Border patrol; Secret Service (USSS); National Operations Center (NOC); Homeland Defense; Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE); Afgent; Task Force; Central Intelligence Agency (CIA); Fusion Centre; Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA); Secure Border Initiative (SBI); Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI); Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF); US Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS); Federal Air Marshall Service(FAMS); Transport Security Administration (TSA); Air Marshall; Federal Aviation Administration (FAA); National Guard; Red Cross; United Nations (UN);


U.S. Department of Homeland Security: