by Patrick O'Brien

Copyright 2012 © Patrick O’Brien

Meet Jessica . . .

In 2007 I created an open On-line Identity for people to follow developments and/or contact me regarding my “Long Road Back” project.

As expected, this generates a large volume of hate mail and other weird junk. I never respond, and the reason I never respond is because I never receive it, and the reason I never receive it is, because … well, meet Jessica!

Jessica is my On-line Assistant who helps me keep my life a simple one. Jessica manages my public Blogs and all my social networking accounts (Google, Facebook, Twitter) plus the junk mail address at Hotmail that’s associated with all those accounts.

Don’t be fooled by my photo which makes her look all soft and dewy — she’s a tough, efficient administrator who vets all my “public” correspondence, and, although she forwards me genuine inquiries, the following are wasting their time:

(1) people who threaten my life; and (2) Zionists who attack me for my support of the Palestinian cause; and (3) females who, either (a) want to save me; or (b) want to have my babies; or (c) say they’ve had my babies.

Jessica uses blockers and sophisticated filters to lighten her workload, yet I tease her, saying she should be grateful that I’m not rich and famous.

It’s all good . . .