― Editorial ―

by Patrick O'Brien

This Blog is a gift for my sons — Nicolas & Shannon — a year-in-the-life of their dad. It comprises 12-months of daily posts which I commenced on the first day of Spring back in 2011. Tomorrow, our Southern winter comes to an end, and so will this Blog, my work here complete.

Blogging software (its calendar) provided a useful platform to record all those events, anniversaries, people and places which comprise the canvas of my life, and still leave me plenty of space for additional comments on hitchhiking, photography, and people.

Being a leap-year, I even got an extra day!

My initial plan was to keep this Blog Private — which changed when, unrelated, a dear old friend had sat me down and told me straight up that she didn’t know how I ticked. Maybe this Blog will help correct that.

With love . . .



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